Important Notice

From Oriental Realty :

We would like to advise to the public especially property owners to be aware of fraud cases by con-man that pretended to be negotiators.

the con-man will always claims to have ready "tenants" who is the accomplice and set up a meeting together will all relevant documents such as "Letter of Offer", "Receipts" and "Tenancy Agreement".

Usually a woman will appear to hand-over a cheque being full payment of deposit and advance rental to the Property Owner and then request the Property Owner to issue to her a post-dated cheque make payable to personal name as commission due, at times with discount. The post-dated cheque will be altered to current date and immediately bank-in for clearance and cash out.


* Never make cheque payable to Personal name
* Always make cheque to Company's name which will be fully responsible for the money received
* For any doubts, it is only a phone call away to verify with the Company, 03-77276121