Gated and Guarded Community in iPOH


Prospective home-buyers are often, and all too conveniently, exposed to the terms “healthy living”, “green” and “affordable” in property-development descriptions; but which development can fully live up to its promises?
Apparently Le Greene, a housing project by Energiser Properties Sdn Bhd, can. The development, comprising a total of 290 units are slated to be fully completed by end of 2014, and will deliver a “first-in-Ipoh” project plan catered specifically to address and fulfil all three promises in a consistent, professional and sustainable manner.

Healthy Living
“We have qualified personal trainers in our gym. At a low price, they can give residents a personalized service, and provide them with a fitness regimen most suitable to their body and health types.”
Fitness is top of the agenda at Le Greene as part of fulfilling their promise on healthy living. In fact, the fitness amenities available on-site is Le Greene’s biggest selling-point, its niche.
Spanning over 1,600m square, the land consists of an impressive 2 storey, 5-roomed gym furnished fully with state-of-the-art US-imported equipment, a 25-metre length swimming pool, a badminton court, a personalised ‘track’ course for cycling and jogging enthusiasts, and a pantry and barbecue area for convenient after-work refreshments. A private sauna house, tennis and basketball courts will be built in the near future.
 “Outsiders who want to join The Gym will have to pay a joining fee of RM1,000 and monthly payments of RM180. Memberships are by invitation and recommendations only.”

Latest Fitness Classes
Indeed there is a good reason as to why non-residents may be interested in gaining such a privilege. “The Gym”, aptly called, provides residents and members with the “latest fitness classes in town”, ranging from step, pilates, yoga, circuit trainings, cardio dance and spinning classes. Before embarking upon any exercise regimen, residents and members are also expected to stretch in the “Stretch Room”, which features a TRX wall – Ipoh’s only strength rope-training equipment. Other rooms include the cardio room, which is fully equipped with brand-new treadmills and elliptical trainers, and furnished with floor length windows overlooking Ipoh’s iconic limestone hills; the weight room which takes up the whole ground floor of the gym, and the “Spinning Room” which contains 26 state-of-the-art bicycles.

Security Top Priority
Ancillary to the ‘healthy living’ concept is also the developer’s goal to provide residents with safety. “We want to make sure that our residents feel safe here, so that they can freely use the compound as they wish. We train our guards in-house, and all the roads are completely surveyed by CCTVs. We have regular patrolling every 2 hours and a CCTV is attached beside the pool for constant monitoring in case of emergency. Everything is done in-house to maintain a high level of security”.

“People want to escape the concrete jungle. They want to come back from work, and be greeted by the green landscapes and surrounding scenery of the limestone hills.”
Having scrapped prior plans to build apartments and additional unit lots in order to “limit the number of residents and to preserve the scenery”, the developers of Le Greene have turned their attention to providing their residents with a holistic, eco-conscious life. Accordingly, paver stones, instead of tarmac, are utilized to line the road as washing it would be easier, thus reducing aggregate water usage.
Furthermore, Le Greene has hired in-house landscapers to design the parks. “We want to make sure that our residents are greeted by lush flora from the entrance, to the end of the compound. We want this place to blend in with nature, with the mountains.”

“Although the majority of our buyers are mid- to upper-range income earners, we want to make sure that young families and young executives can afford the houses too.”
Perhaps this is why Le Greene offers interested buyers the option of choosing between the 20×70 single, double or triple storey terraces, and the semi-D houses. These properties are being offered at market prices ranging from RM400,000 to “around a million” for the semi-D properties, which will only be launched in the middle of next year.
So far, the response for the single and double storey developments have been well-received. “Around 90% of our single storey houses have already been snapped up at a private showcase held mid-this year”

Increased Capital Value
Such encouraging response could well be positively correlated to the increasing capital value of the properties. The single-storey houses which were sold for RM165,800 at launch date in November 2010 now have an alleged resale value of at least RM233,800. Purchasers wanting to rent out the property can expect a rental rate of around RM1,200 for a fully furnished unit. All single storey units are built on a “Built and Sell” concept; meaning the houses are fully completed with CCC (Certificate of Completion and Compliance) before the units are sold. Purchasers can shift in immediately upon signing the sales and purchase agreement and having fully paid for their units.
Similarly, the value of the double storey developments have increased from RM298,000 to RM388,800 with value being currently evaluated as exceeding RM400,000. Rental rates start at RM2,500 fully furnished.

Ideal Location
For those worried about the sustainability of these figures, Joesephiine assures that the supply and demand of the properties will remain robust going into the near future, as the developers are firmly committed to providing “exclusivity within this compound, whilst continually generating market and buyer interests in the properties”. Moreover, Le Greene happens to be minutes away from the North-South Expressway, as well as Giant, Tesco, Jusco, Maybank, Pantai Hospital and Sunway Lagoon. Convenience and the centrality of its location are most definitely important factors to this development’s success.